Monthly Brief 丨 2017 · 03

“Communication is important. According to the code of practice for project management, a project manager should spend 90% of his (her) time on communication.

Sometimes keeping your head down at work does not lead to efficiency, while appropriate exchange and communication may help open your mind.”

——Weekly Report from Tracy Yun

Main Progress

1- The strategy of business development for 2017 were developed; the direction and plans of core projects were reinforced.

2- Chinese Seafood Sustainability Assessment Indicators were further optimized through a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods.

3- Cooperation with key domestic seafood retailers as well as suppliers were strengthened, which led to China Blue’s involvement in joint research of responsible consumption of seafood resources.

4- The preparation of 2nd China Ocean Philanthropy Forum was launched and facilitated by us through ongoing collaboration with other marine conservation NGOs.

5- Communication of the science and value of ocean sustainability was enhanced through China Blue’s social network platforms, where the number of views and repost of blog articles set a new high.

6- Work efficiency was improved through adopting optimized OA system, which significantly increased the engagement and initiative of volunteers.



1- Upon the invitation of CAPPMA (China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Alliance) and CCFA (China Chain Store & Franchise Association), we contributed in developing the Guide For Responsible Seafood Sourcing (Second Edition), which will be used by major supermarkets and chain restaurants throughout China to help them establish the responsible procurement system for seafood.

2- We reached tentative agreement with several research centers at Chinese Academy of Fisheries Science regarding potential collaboration which will facilitate the information sharing and multi-disciplinary research for fishery industry.

3- We discussed the issue of optimizing the Seafood Sustainability Assessment methodology with experts from Shanghai Ocean University and will design supplementary method based on expert assessments.



1- We were invited to Maoming to discuss establishing the Tilapia industry sustainable development alliance in South China owing to our well-acknowledged Tilapia regional management project in Hainan Province.

2- Upon the invitation of IDH, we developed the proposal of farmers capacity building project (2nd phase), looking to expand the aquaculture improvement program as well as lead more farmers to apply advanced production and collaboration methods.

3- By virtue of its recognition within the industry, Code of Good Practice for Hainan Tilapia Farming implemented through China Blue was adopted by departments as the technical reference for applying “Agro-product Geographical Indications”.

4- A series of supplementary survey was conducted to evaluate the changes in farmers’ management efficiency before and after the AIP pilot program.



1- We remotely presented at the Asia-Pacific and South America Squid Supply Chain Roundtable Conference and proposed improvement plan on sustainable utilization of squid resources to members of global squid supply chain.

2- The report and project proposal generated from our investigation on community development of small-scale fisheries and women’s role in fishing village were submitted to charity foundations and partners in order to raise the attention to these issues in China.

3- Upon the invitation of World Animal Protection, we carried out investigation on fishing gears in Hainan and creatively designed the program of “Recycling Fishing Nets into Stylish Handbags” with GoalBlue(Shenzhen) and DIVE4LOVE(Shenzhen).


Ocean NGO Community Development

1- Five outstanding volunteers were successfully recommended to “Blue Pioneer” Program by us to participate in a fully-funded two-week study tour in the USA this summer.

2- We are facilitating the preparation of 2nd China Ocean Philanthropy Forum with DIVE4LOVE(Shenzhen) and Shanghai Rendu Ocean NPO Development Center and have reached tentative agreements with Pacific Society of China, Publicity and Education center of the State Oceanic Administration, a number of international environmental NGOs and Charity Foundations.


Outreach & Media

1- We were honored the award  of “the 5th  Jingcaotongxing”, a grant given to leaders of domestic environmental NGOs with mentorship offered by selected entrepreneurs and senior philanthropists with the support of SEE Foundation, Heyi Institute and Dunhe Foundation.

2- We were nominated for the 2017 SEE Eco-Awards for pioneering actions involving sustainable fisheries and marine environmental protection.

3- We were honored to be invited by Chinese Academy of Fisheries Science to join “Fisheries technology International Cooperative Alliance”.

4- We created our overseas social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin) and our official Weibo account as well as increased exposure of WeChat official account. Several articles were reposted by many other media and captured widespread attention.


Team Development

1- The financial, personnel and performance appraisal systems as well as other management systems were improved.

2- Work efficiency was promoted through optimizing Worktile OA platform and management process.

3- Our team members were sent to attend “Funengshe Management Training Program for Middle-level Cadre” and “Funengshe Fundraising Training Program for CEO” with the support of AI YOU Foundation, which effectively stimulated the execution ability and strategic positioning.