Monthly Brief 丨 2017 · 04

China Blue is offering aquaculture graduates a new opportunity of career development, at which their thinking, vision and capacity will be enhanced to a level hardly achieved in other jobs in the industry.

A note from Ray Wang’s Weekly Report

Main Progress

1- Further analysis to investigate data by specific areas and different production models was conducted for the development of iFISH 2.0. The public version of iFISH has been proposed and explored for product design.

2- Value chain analysis on new business entities in seafood industry was launched through a collaboration with Chinese Academy of Fisheries Science.

3- The preliminary work of Chinese common squid FIP (Fishery Improvement Project) in Fujian and Guangdong continued with research development and translation of project progress and system framework documents.

4- The feasibility of launching a Tilapia AIP (Aquaculture Improvement Project) in Maoming, Guangdong, was discussed with the Maoming Association of Tilapia, local processors and fishery authority.

5- The preparation of the 2nd China Ocean NGO Forum continued as the “Haililao (Scoop up trash from the sea)” program for World Ocean Day was jointly launched by China Blue in collaboration with other marine conservation NGOs. The ghost fishing nets will be collected and re-used by artists to make stylish handbags and other demonstration at the upcoming Forum.

6- Team-building activities were organized and a new full-time staff joined the team.



1- Upon the invitation of CAPPMA (China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Alliance) and CCFA (China Chain Store & Franchise Association), we continued improving the Guide For Responsible Seafood Sourcing (Second Edition) to enhance the communication with retailers.

2- A plan was hatched on the product design for the public version of iFISH and its crowdfunding scheme.

3-We further analyzed iFISH data by specific areas and different production models and promoted the application of iFISH in the Mangrove Wetland-Friendly Fishery Project in Hainan.

4- We communicated with technical teams from ThoughtWorks and Lingxi about the IT development needs and plans for iFISH 2.0.



1- Upon the invitation of Maoming Association of Tilapia, Ms. Han Han presented at Maoming Tilapia Brand-building Forum on the subject of regional branding through zonal management in aquaculture.

(On April 13, 2017, Ray Wang, Han Han, He Cui, the president from CAPPMA and Dr. Lei Huang from Chinese Academy of Fisheries Science exchanged with officials in Maoming about experience in developing Tilapia industry)

2- We were invited by Huanqiu Aquatic Products Co., Ltd. to visit their factory in Huazhou, Maoming and discussed about launching AIP in local area.

3- We attended the 5th China Shrimp Industry Development Forum and learned the current status and trend of shrimp industry.



1- The preliminary work of FIP (Fishery Improvement Project) in Fujian and Guangdong continued with conducting research design, translating project progress and system framework documents.

2- Guidelines for Fishery Performance Indicators of World Bank (Chinese version) has gone through 2nd round of translation proofreading.

3- We assisted China Society of Fisheries in translating and editing the briefing of Chinese fisheries country profile to be submitted to FAO.

4- Value chain analysis on new business entities in the industry was launched through agreement collaboration with Chinese Academy of Fisheries Science.

5- We assisted a researcher from Wageningen University to develop research plans to study governance in tilapia industry in Hainan.


Ocean NGO Community Development

1- We continued leading in coordination among different partners in the organizing committee of the 2nd China Ocean NGO Forum.

(On April 18, 2017, the organizing committee including DIVE4LOVE, Rendu, TNC, WWF and GoalBlue gather in Shenzhen to reinforce the preparation plans)

2- “Haililao” program for World Ocean Day was started through a collaboration among China Blue, Rendu, DIVE4LOVE and GoalBlue.

3- An article featuring Mrs. Han Han, the Founder and Executive Director of China Blue as well as the “Green Innovator” of SEE Foundation was published and received extensively positive comments.


Team Development

1- All staff’s understanding of China Blue’s mission, objectives, internal and external environment were enhanced through brainstorm, SWOT analysis and BCG matrix analysis.


2- We welcomed a new team member – Ms. Lijun Liu, who received her BA in Economics at Beijing University and MSc in Biology at Columbia University. She will lead the science & communication program at China Blue, as well as advising political and economic analysis of fishery.

3- Our team members attended the management training sponsored by the Aiyou Foundation, which helped improve our capacity in project management and team work.

4- Our 2016 annual report and financial audit were completed and submitted to Hainan Department of Civil Affairs.

5- Volunteer management system was improved along with an optimization of staff performance system for monitoring and evaluation.