Monthly Brief 丨 2017 · 06

In the days at China Blue, I have learned to be patient with trivial tasks, to bravely face various challenges, and eventually found myself stronger as pondering the growing pains.

A note from Han CHEN’s weekly report

Main Progress

– The assessment methodology and outputs of iFISH have received more positive feedbacks and valuable suggestions from industry experts;

– The Guideline on Responsible Seafood Sourcing for China Retail Industry, co-written by China Blue, Chinese Aquatic Product Processing and Marketing Alliance (CAPPMA) and China Chain Store and Franchise Association (CCFA), was released at the China Sustainable Retail Roundtable (CSRR), This will guide Chinese retailers to develop their policy and action plan for repsonsible sourcing of seafood in the coming years;

– With China Blue’s support, the Hainan Tilapia Sustainability Alliance (HTSA) has started applying for public grant on enhancing aquaculture information collection, which overall will increase the transparency and traceability across industry;

– Preliminary work for scoping the fishery management in Zhejiang Province was carried out through networking with local fishery research institutes;

– Preparation of the 2nd China Ocean NGO Forum (August 27-30, Shenzhen) continued with updating the forum website and social media portals;

– Team-building activities were experimented to inspire creative thinking among staff and interns.


– Expert comments and suggestions to refine the iFISH assessment methodology and outputs were solicited in a joint effort with China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Association (CAPPMA);

The Guideline on Responsible Seafood Sourcing for China Retail Industry was jointly issued by China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Association (CAPPMA) and China Chain Store & Franchise Association (CCFA) on the China Sustainable Retail Roundtable (CSRR). The iFISH principles and metrics were adopted in the Guideline, receiving good feedback from retailers;

– Further optimization of the iFISH metrics was explored with the Chinese Academy of Fishery Science on Hainan Tilapia and Jiangsu crabs and shrimps. Such study will help establish methods for risk evaluation of regional aquaculture development.


(Ms Han Han (front left) and Ms Chen Lichun (second left), deputy secretary of CAPPMA, representative from Rainbow Department Store Co., Ltd and China Resources Vanguard Co., Ltd)


– We assisted Hainan Tilapia Sustainability Alliance (shorten as the Alliance) to apply for a governmental project focus on the theme of “Scientific Development, Sustainable Growth”;

– We assisted the Alliance in launching the Hainan Tilapia brand-building project, focusing on zonal strategy-making and resource-gathering;

– The proposal of the 2nd term of Hainan Tilapia AIP was submitted to the IDH Foundation;

– Our staff attended the 3rd Global Aquaculture Summit in Fuzhou where we exchanged information and opinions with various organizations and companies.


– A week-long field trip in representative regions of Zhejiang took place, at which we searched for further cooperation with the Marine Fisheries Research Institute of Zhejiang, the Ocean and Fishery Bureau of Yuhuan and the Rui’an Huasheng Aquatic Products Factory;

– We attended in the International Seminar on Fishery Production Monitoring Based on Total Allowable Catch (TAC) Fishery Management (June 20-21, Zhoushan) and understood better the first batch of TAC pilots in China as well as international management models and experiences.


– Upon the invitation of OAK Foundation, we submitted the proposal for the small-scale fishery through a comparative study in Hainan and Zhejiang, which will present a systematic policy and social research of coastal small-scale fishery;

– The data analysis of wetland-friendly fishery production and consumption in Dongzhai Reserve was conducted. The commonly-consumed seafood in mangrove wetland were identified.

Ocean NGO Community Development

– On 8th June, the World Ocean Day, we partnered with other ocean NGOs in the country to advocate for ocean conservation through jointly organizing beach clean-up and diving event to remove marine debris. The events attracted 9 mainstream medias and more than 11o thousands people in live video streaming.

– In the preparation of the 2nd China Ocean NGO Forum(August 27-30, Shenzhen), we coordinated the collaboration among main partners. The Forum website updating and early-term publicity were mainly facilitated by China Blue.

Team Development

– A series of team-building activities were held, including a debate competition organized among interns at the Ocean University of China.

– The first China Blue Open Day was hosted this month, which invited many students from Hainan University to visit our office in Haikou for a better understanding of NGO and ocean sustainability.

– Our staff attended the training of management and new media publicity sponsored by Aiyou Foundation and submitted the semi-annual business report to Aiyou Foundation.

微信图片_20170706021416(“Shanghai Volunteer Group” of China Blue is holding meeting together, discussing how to promote the distance collaboration and planning community activities.)