Monthly Brief 丨 2017 · 07

 Main Progress

– As part of the preparation for the 99 Giving Day Crowdfunding, China Blue reviewed and adjusted the strategy of the iFISH 2.0 database;

– We have been committed in organizing the Sustainable Fisheries Panel and the Responsible Seafood Gala for the 2nd China Ocean NGO Forum;

– Our team carried out field research at local fishing communities in Hainan and established deep connections with fishermen and community leader;

– We had a productive visit in Zhoushan, Yuhuan and Wenling, three leading fishery towns in Zhejiang, where we had thought-provoking conversations with fishermen and fishery scientists to understand the challenges and progress of fishery management reform in Zhejiang;

– Preparation of the 2nd China Ocean NGO Forum (August 27-30, Shenzhen) continued with updating the forum website and social media portals;

– China Blue moved to a new office and welcomed six interns to work during the summer.


– Our team continued making progress on research of iFISH methodology and data mining, analysis, and visualization. Collaborating with Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences (CAFS), we excavated various environmental data and aquaculture management data of tilapia aquaculture in Hainan Province. We also discussed potential collaboration ideas on data sharing with the Guangzhou Green Data Environmental Service Center;

– We exchanged ideas with Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) on evaluation methods for aquaculture zonal management;

– A strategic planning meeting for iFISH2.0 was held to discuss the application scenario of iFISH database from consumer’s perspective and strategized a crowdfunding plan with the Ai You Foundation for the upcoming 99 Giving Day.


– China Blue facilitated the Hainan Tilapia Sustainability Alliance in investigating supply and market demand, while improving pond data collection, analysis, and digitizing management process;

– Our team conducted scoping study on the Hainan grouper industry and looked up into the market data of seedlings, feed, and sales;

– China Blue participated in the Annual Meeting of the Catfish Industry Branch of China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Association (CAPPMA), studied the development of the catfish industry, observed the process of developing Catfish standards, and investigated the current status of aquaculture production in Nantong, Jiangsu Province;


(The conference manual for the 2017 Annual Meeting of the Catfish Branch, China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Association (CAPPMA))

China Blue communicated with international colleagues on the preparation of FIP public profile. The Eastern Guangdong-Taiwan Bank Fishing Ground Chinese Common Squid FIP successfully went online at

Comprehensive Research and Sustainable Fisheries

– We conducted household survey and field investigation in Huiwen where a wetland conservation project has been launched. Our staff visited the local fishery department, learned about fishery planning and management, and consulted local fishermen on the challenges in their fishing business;


 (China Blue field research team communicating with  the former chief of Nanxing Village, Huiwen Town)

– China Blue participated in the launching ceremony of “Care for Aquatic Animals, Build a Harmonious Home” , marking the Aquatic Wildlife Protection Month, hosted by the Department of Ocean and Fisheries of Hainan Province.

Ocean NGO Community Development

– China Blue recommended seven excellent student volunteers for the Blue Pioneer ——ocean conservation talent training program. From July 24th to August 5th, they participated in a two-week intensive course in Monterey Bay, California, with full support from the Packard Foundation and the Paradise Foundation.


(The Blue Pioneers group sleepover at the Monterey Bay Aquarium—among them are seven participants recommended by China Blue )

– In the preparation of the 2nd China Ocean NGO Forum (August 27-30, Shenzhen), we coordinated the collaboration among main partners. The Forum website updating and early-term publicity were mainly facilitated by China Blue.

Social Recognition and Public Media

– Ms. Han Han, the Founder and Executive Director of China Blue, was invited to the 9th International Youth Summit on Energy and Climate Change (IYSECC9.0) in Tianjin and served as a keynote speaker to share with youth from all over the world on sustainable development of the ocean.


(Source: China Youth Climate Action Network (CYCAN))

Team Development

– On July 1st, the mentor team from “Jingcao Together” came to our office to conduct face-to-face strategic diagnosis for our programs;


(Group photo of the “Jingcao Together” mentors and China Blue team)