Monthly Brief 丨 2017 · 09

Main Progress

– China Blue participated for the first time in the 99 Giving Day, a nation-wide crowdfunding initiated by Tencent Charity during September 7th to 9th to raise funds for the development of China’s Sustainable Seafood Database (iFISH) and expanded its social influence. Over 12 hundred donations were received with a total of 71,433.12 RMB. The effort laid a good foundation for future public engagement. Through the crowdfunding process, our team has gained valuable experience in public communication;

(Screenshot of crowdfunding project introduction webpage)

– China Blue cooperated with China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Association (CAPPMA) to prepare for the Sustainable Seafood Forum 2017 that will be held on October 31st in Qingdao. Representatives from scientific research institutions, administrative departments, companies, and media are invited. Eight seafood products are selected according to our assessment in iFISH to make a responsible seafood menu for the luncheon;

– For the Shantou Squid Fishery Improvement Project, our staff went to Nanao Island for field investigation for several times to touch base with local squid processors, fishery authorities, research institutes, etc. and gained in-depth understanding of the status and development bottlenecks of local fishing communities;

(Fishing boat departing at sunset)

– We carried out a three-day team building event, organized all staff to brainstorm the development plans of each program, which promoted the team spirit and internal cohesiveness among team members.


(Group photo of China Blue during team building event)


– We visited the Research Center for Quality and Standards at Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences (CAFS) and discussed the cooperation of research work on “Development and Application of Comprehensive Evaluation Technology for Sustainable Aquaculture” (A Case Study on Hainan tilapia aquaculture);

– We have worked to comprehensively improve the iFISH2.0 metrics, focusing on indices of  production area, production model, regional management status, and breeding environment; we contracted professional product designers and IT engineers to upgrade the iFISH2.0 UI and started internal testing of FISH2.0;

– We communicated with staff from Oceana, an internationally renowned ocean conservation NGO, whose experience with big data application on fishery management (i.e. Global Fishing Watch) is seeking for its , opportunity in China.


– We conducted research on the development and status of the production, processing, and consumption of basa fish and channel catfish, both popular in the domestic market, which helped enrich and enhance the producers association’s understanding of the aquatic food market;

– We visited Guangdong Ocean and Fisheries Department to exchange ideas and learned about the development challenges faced by near-shore fisheries and aquaculture industries in Guangdong Province as well as recent government initiatives. It was agreed that potential collaboration can be carried out on the collection of basic information on fishing boats and fishing villages, the establishment of pilot fishery improvement projects in Shantou Nanao Island, and regional industry upgrade for aquaculture zones;

– Our staff visited Professor Liu Wenhua, Dean of the College of Science at Shantou University, and had a productive discussion with his team about future cooperation on fishery resources research;

– We studied China’s fishery political framework, featuring its administrative structure, functions, and relevant policies. At the same time, we thoroughly analyzed the concepts, principles, and methodologies of international sustainable fishery standards, such as the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) fishery standards, in order to innovate sustainable fisheries development framework suitable for local conditions.

Team Building and Organization Development

– Two full-time staff participated in the primary and advanced training for middle managers provided by the Aiyou Foundation to further strengthen China Blue’s internal management capabilities;

– To honor and motivate interns to actively engage in interdisciplinary and practical work, we selected 18 outstanding interns for the first half of 2017, and gave them China Blue souvenirs as rewards.