Monthly Brief 丨 2017 · 10

Main Progress

– China Blue co-hosted the Sustainable Seafood Forum 2017 in Qingdao, China. Together with China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Association (CAPPMA), we organized Panel 2: Developing China’s Sustainable Seafood Database (iFISH). We also held a luncheon, “Invitation of Cooperation on iFISH2.0”;

– Invited by Ocean Outcomes in Seattle, our staff participated in the workshop on “Re-imagining Fishery Improvement Projects”.  Along with many international NGOs, scholars and funders they discussed FIP’s supply-chain driven and market incentive mechanism, summarized and reflected on the effectiveness of this model and approach in more than ten years of development as well as potential improvement in future;

(Brainstorming ideas about fishery projects with international colleagues at workshop)

– We were invited to attend the second China IT-Philanthropy Union Summit, connected with major IT and internet companies, and laid the foundation for future cooperation.


– At the Panel 2: Developing China’s Sustainable Seafood Database (iFISH) of the Sustainable Seafood Forum 2017, we introduced the concept, framework, and cooperation of iFISH, China’s sustainable seafood database based on zonal and production models, and also discussed the application of media information tools for the industry’s sustainable development;

(Panel Discussion at Sub-forum)

– During the Sustainable Seafood Forum 2017, we hosted an “Invitation of Cooperation on iFISH2.0” luncheon with China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Association (CAPPMA). We invited guests to taste scallop, oyster, pompano, tilapia, seaweed, kelp, Chinese common squid and other responsible seafood dishes provided by the following companies: Zhangzidao Fishery Group, Rushan Huaxin Food Group, Hainan Xiangtai Fishery Company, Fujian Yuanyang Algae Company, and Shantou Haimao Food Company;


(Guests engaging in pleasant conservations at luncheon)

P4(A page from the luncheon menu)

– Communicated with relevant companies in the industry chain on cooperation of iFISH projects, and reached preliminary cooperation intentions with some companies in intelligent fisheries and fisheries information technology;

– Our staff attended the following meetings to further strengthen our understanding of the industry: the 2017 Annual Meeting of the National Fisheries Technology Innovation Alliance, the 10th Annual Meeting—International Coldwater Fish Aquaculture Technology Workshop—hosted by the Salmon Committee at China Society of Fisheries (CSF), and the Shellfish Industry Development Forum by the Shellfish Branch of China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Association (CAPPMA).


– Completed the draft needs assessment report of the Shantou-Taiwan Bank Fishing Ground Squid Fishery Improvement Project;

– Organized the FIP Roundtable with a theme on sustainable development of Chinese squid fishery. At the meeting, we shared the FIP progress with attendees. At the same time, discussions were held with domestic and foreign buyers, processors, NGO representatives, government departments, and other participants on the difficulties and challenges faced by the Chinese squid fishery as well as the direction of progress in capture fishery improvement projects;

(Roundtable meeting on Chinese squid fishery)

–  In terms of business development, we successfully established contact with an online grocery platform and an aquatic product distributor in order to understand the concerns of online and supermarket shopping in the aquatic products production process.

Comprehensive Research on Sustainable Fisheries

– Communicated with colleagues from the US, Australia, and Hong Kong in the field of sustainable fisheries, and planned to write a joint article to analyze the challenges faced by the western sustainable seafood movements in Asian developing countries;

– Exchanged ideas with the IDH Foundation on the planning of the second phase of the Hainan tilapia project. Assisted China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Association (CAPPMA) in inviting international industry experts to share their global aquaculture development experience at the China Tilapia Industry Forum in November.

Communications and Outreach

– China Blue was invited to participate in the second China IT-Philanthropy Union Summit on October 22nd co-hosted by the Tencent Volunteer Association and NPI Philanthropy Development Center. Experts, scholars, practitioners, and media from the fields of IT and philanthropy discussed various possibilities of “IT + Philanthropy”. Our iFISH project, the first domestic sustainable seafood database in China, will greatly benefit from the assistance of IT forces in future development. Through the summit, we established contacts with major IT and Internet companies, which laid a good foundation for future cooperation;

P6(The poster of the second China IT-Philanthropy Union Summit)

– China Blue received interviews with the Paper News and Qingdao TV Station to promote concepts and innovation paths of sustainable fisheries to a wider audience through mass media.