Monthly Brief 丨 2017 · 11

Main Progress

– We continued exploring to develop a comprehensive evaluation system for Hainan tilapia industry as part of iFISH development and the tasks entrusted by the research team within the National Industry Technology System of Freshwater Aquaculture, Ministry of Agriculture;

– On November 23-24, 2017, we held meetings with the IDH Foundation, Hainan Tilapia Sustainability Alliance, and Maoming Tilapia Association on the feasible plans of jointly conducting “China tilapia aquaculture improvement project (2018-2020)” in Hainan and Maoming, Guangdong;

– On November 22, 2017, the Symposium on International Cooperation in Tilapia Disease Prevention and Information-based Management was successfully hold by China Blue in Haikou, Hainan. A total of 55 people attended, including international experts from countries such as the Netherlands, the UK, and Vietnam, as well as representatives from government departments, enterprises, research institutes, and trade organizations. The participants shared their experiences in tilapia disease prevention, the recent global trends and lessens learned in TiLV control, the epidemiology for better farm management, and discussed the challenges Chinese aquaculture faces and possible solutions;


(A snapshot of the symposium)

– Based on field investigation and desktop research, we finished the draft of “Foodie’s Guide for a wetland-friendly fishery at Dongzhai Port Mangrove Reserve”, guiding mangrove visitors and local community members to responsibly consume aquatic products in a way that benefits mangrove ecosystems.


(Cover and sample page in the “Foodie’s Guide”)


– From November 20-21, 2017, we accompanied Flavio Corsin, Director of IDH Aquaculture Department, Lisa van Wageningen, Project Manager, and Anton Immink, Director of SFP Aquaculture Department, to visit Hainan tilapia hatchery, farms, and processing plants, and conducted in-depth conversations with all stakeholders of the industry chain in order to understand the current status of the tilapia aquaculture industry and its aquaculture improvement projects;

– On November 23, 2017, China Blue co-organized the 14th International Tilapia Industry Development Forum held in Haikou. Ms. Han Han presided the panel on “New features of seafood consumption in food services and retail business”. Panelists discussed on the trends and change in food services and retail market in China and what impacts and demands would bring to seafood industry.


(Group photo of some guests at the Forum)


– We compiled the meeting notes from the “Sustainable Development Roundtable for Chinese Squid Fisheries” (Oct 31, 2017, Qingdao) and shared the meeting summary with all participants and industry stakeholders. Meanwhile, we continued communicating with Guangdong Ocean and Fishery Department to raise their awareness on the squid fishery improvement needs with supporting documents and information we collected from the fishing community;

– Upon the request from the Beaver Street Fisheries, the plan of initiating Shantou Octopus FIP was drafted to solicit feedback from stakeholders. The potential octopus FIP will share some common space and stakeholders with the squid FIP.

Communication and Outreach

– We exchanged knowledge with the experts from the Fisheries Machinery and Instrument Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences (CAFS) about the research progress on aquaculture data collection, processing and sharing, as well as the industrialization of aquaculture and ecological engineering for fish ponds and cages;

– On November 29, Director Shen Zhixin and his colleagues from Hainan Freshwater Fisheries Research Institute came to visit our office. We warmly exchanged and discussed the collaboration possibility in studying freshwater fisheries in Hainan, the prevention and control mechanism of aquatic animal diseases, and the conservation of indigenous fish species;

– We exchanged information and knowledge on small-scale fishery, recreational fishery and renewable energy powered fishing vessels and low-carbon fishery equipment with some local vessel manufacturer and investor;

– On November 13, 2017, our Project Officer, Jing Ma, gave a seminar introducing the concepts and practices of sustainable fisheries to a group of high school students from the International Department of Peking University High School. This event was part of the “Ocean and People – Combination of Ecological Conservation and Public Art in the Context of Over-consumption” project.