Monthly Brief 丨 2018 · 01

Main Progress

– China Blue assisted Hainan Marine and Fisheries Research Institute to hold a seminar on Hainan Freshwater Aquatic Ecological Protection and Industrial Sustainable Development on January 9th in Haikou. More than 20 professionals from scientific research institutes and non-governmental organizations in Zhejiang, Hong Kong, and Beijing have reached preliminary agreement on how to protect Hainan’s native aquatic species and reduce the impact of invasive species. They will soon step up cooperation between the government and non-governmental forces in areas such as the investigation of indigenous aquatic resources and preservation of brood stock;

– On January 31st, 2018, China Blue and Maoming Tilapia Association formally signed a memorandum on cooperation and will conduct comprehensive collaboration on industry standards development, traceability system construction, regional management, and marketing for responsible aquaculture;

– China Blue successfully held the first annual meeting and invited more than a dozen external experts, scholars, and volunteers to join. The annual meeting reviewed China Blue’s establishment, vision, goals, strategy, and development process, as well as broad and in-depth discussions of recent work on core projects. Career development workshops were also conducted to provide professional support in career planning to our staff;


(Group photo of all the annual meeting attendees)

– We conducted nearly a week of research in Nan’ao Island, Shantou City and communicated deeply with experienced local fishermen to understand the specific scale of squid fishing, economic information, and fishermen’s understanding of the current fishing management policies; at the same time, we communicated the possibility of sharing project plans and information with Shantou Marine and Fisheries Bureau.


– To enhance the scientific management of small and medium-sized aquaculture farms and strengthen data collection on management, we conducted in-depth communications with suppliers of pond intelligent monitoring systems to evaluate feasible measures for 24-hour monitoring in order to reserve technical support for the Tilapia AIP project. In the annual industry meeting, Project Manager, Jiarui Wang, presented on technical framework for regional branding based on zonal management and put forward the concrete cooperation scheme that makes use of Internet of Things technology, which gathered attention and positive response from participating industry leaders. ;

– We accompanied the Project Officer of the IDH Foundation to attend the annual meeting of Hainan Tilapia Sustainability Alliance, as well as visiting Maoming Tilapia Association, Maoming (Huazhou) Vision Fisheries Cooperative, Maoming Jincheng Frozen Food Company and other enterprises, and screened key aquaculture demonstration areas and collaborators for the upcoming tilapia AIP in March;


(Visiting the aquaculture co-op in Maoming)

Discussions were held with Seafood Watch staff on the history and direction of sustainable seafood evaluations abroad. Comparative study were conducted on international evaluations of species such as tilapia, swimming crab, and squid to improve iFISH methodology.


– The project of Small-Scale Fishery (SSF) was officially launched. Project team members were introduced to the relevant personnel from the local fishery authorities and visited the fisheries associations in Hainan to understand the development, general situation and current difficulties of the local fisheries. The team conducted a thorough survey of Wuchang fishing port, interviewed more than 30 local fishery community representatives to understand their socio-economic conditions, and carried out sampling analysis of catch components. The samples were classified into 44 families and 73 species, of which 32 were economic species;

1.3(Sampled species in Wuchang Fishing Port in Hainan)

– China Blue signed formal cooperation agreements with Shantou Haimao Food Company and Shantou Hypo Company to guide them on information collection of raw materials; Explored the possibility of cooperative investigation with Ocean University of Shanghai and Dr. Ruiqiang Zheng of Shantou University;Established links with local experienced fishermen on Nanao Island and learned about the specific status of squid fishing, economic information, and fishermen ‘s understanding of current fishing management policies;Shared the possibility of project planning and information with Shantou Marine and Fisheries Bureau.


(Communicating with local fishermen)

Communication and Outreach

– Our staff attended the lecture on the Status, Major Processes and Problems of Industrial Aquaculture held by Hainan Marine and Fisheries Research Institute on January 30. Lecturers Qiu Xiaojun, general manager of the Guangzhou Black Box Technology Company, and Dr. Jin Guang came to our office to carry out in-depth discussions on trends of aquaculture industrialization and grading of aquaculture products;

– A series of “China Blue” vintage souvenir went viral on WeChat. The article on our vintage souvenir that advocates juvenile fish protection and responsible seafood consumption were read by thousands of people, and has been reposted by many partners and public media.


(China Blue calendar features juvenile fish protection)

Team Development

– Ting Chen and Yanping Huang joined China Blue full-time in January, and they will be able to enhance the capacity of communication and institutional development within and outside the team;

– We carried out the 2017 annual review, adjusted the OKR system and routine office coordination process as well as performance management system, sorted out organizational structure, upgraded the HR system, and strengthened project budget management;

– We defined job responsibilities and growth plan of each employee and reached a cooperation intention with Ai You Foundation’s professional training group. In 2018, under their guidance, we will strengthen internal capacity building.