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STAFF | Shuyi LU

Shuyi LU
Research Assistant

Shuyi Joined China Blue as a full-time employee in July 2016, She was in charge of operating China Blue’s official website, WeChat, Weibo and other social media accounts. Concerned about social issues and cultural diversity, she plans to continue her studies in the field of sociology. Since January 2018, she has participated ing small-scale fisheries project as a part-time job, hoping to study issues relating to the transformation of fishery communities and fishermen from the perspective of sociology and anthropology. Prior to China Blue, she worked as project assistant at the Global Environment Facility (GEF) Wetland Project – Hainan Office and an IT company to manage its social media platform. It was the experience from GEF that made her strongly committed in non-profit organization and marine conservation. She graduated with B.A. in Linguistics from Hainan University, followed by a year of marketing experience in IT company.